Political Dysfunction and My Sales Advice for 2017

New School Selling by Steve Clark

A piece of professional sales advice

We are currently in the most bizarre and crazy as presidential campaign in history. On the one hand, we have an egomaniac who can’t keep New School Selling by Steve Clarkhis mouth shut and continually spouts dogma that alienates every conceivable demographic, culture, race, gender, and every other reasonable person. On the other hand, we have a lying, conniving, manipulating and evil individual, who will stop at nothing to win what she sees as her rightful and entitled prize.

Tragically, there is very little to affect the outcome of this race. The next few months there will be much ink put on paper and much radio and television press coverage of this full-blown three ring circus. You can either allow yourself to be sucked in and consume mounds and mounds of trash and crap that screws up your head, depresses you and ultimately fails to improve your life.

As a business owner, consultant or sales professional every minute you spend reading, listing or watching this negative and mentally destructive reality show, that has been created and by perpetuated by profit motivated media, the less time you will have to focus on what Zig Ziglar called,” the good, the clean, the pure, the powerful and the positive”.

If you want to protect your mental state of mind heed this sales advice

No matter which candidate you favor in this election I suggest you do the following. Turn off your television for the next three months. Quit reading the newspaper. Stop listening to radio, especially talk radio. Do not engaging in any discussion with anyone about this election. I know all of this seems radical and may go against your currently held beliefs about being involved and informed.

The reality is, your consumption of print or electronic information will have no outcome on the results of this election. Every hour or minute that you spend consuming information about this theater of the bizarre is one less minute that you have to focus on creating the life you desire.

If you insist on mindlessly consuming this information, you will continually be depressed and discouraged about your future and the future of this country. My sales advice to you is to limit the interaction that you have with anyone or any media that wants to take you down into the rabbit hole of darkness.

During this time, you would be well served to revisit and refocus on your goals and your plans about what you want out of this life. Another piece of sales advice that I would give you is to avoid people who are caught up consuming negative and depressing electronic or print content.

Another piece of sales advice that might be hard to swallow

If you want to achieve financial independence and create wealth that will allow you to lead the lifestyle you desire, it is crucial that you engage in behavior that is the total opposite of what the mass of the mediocre do. When choose to do this you do this, you will find that you must eliminate anyone and everything that is not consistent with your goals and objectives. I mean ANYTHING!

Even though everything seems to be going to hell in a hand cart there is still plenty of opportunity for you to succeed and thrive and achieve the lifestyle of your dreams. Just as a coin has two sides so does every situation. This current mudslinging, name-calling, and childish political climate is no exception.

My best sales advice for 2017

Come January 2017, we will have a new president and will make no difference who that is. If you think either candidate has your best interest at heart easier or more prosperous, you are very naïve indeed. Ultimately, your future is in your hands and you are 100% responsible for what happens to your life. Therefore, I encourage you to take my sales advice seriously and get on with your life by becoming a participant instead of a spectator.