Speak and Grow Rich

I am often asked about how to obtain more conversations and appointments with potential buyers. Like many things, there is no simple answer to such a complex question. There are, however, many ways to obtain more conversations and appointments i.e.: call calling, direct mail, print advertising, electronic advertising, blog posting, referrals, and public speaking.

Of all of the above-mentioned business development training strategies for obtaining new appointments or increasing appointments, the strategy that deserves special consideration, and the one I like best, is public speaking.

When it comes to instantly establishing oneself as a credible expert, no other prospecting or marketing activity compares to public speaking. Public speaking enables you the opportunity to have immediate conversations and obtain appointments with new potential buyers. Speaking has long been part of my marketing activities. It has accounted for more income than any other single marketing effort. Speaking in front of a group of people gives one instant credibility and authority status – at least until you open your mouth.

When one stands in front of a group of people, there is an automatic perception on the part of the audience that the speaker is an authority. When one is skilled, articulate and can deliver a powerful, compelling message people are attracted and impressed.

If you do not currently employ public speaking in your arsenal of prospecting and marketing, you should begin to do so immediately. If you are not skilled – no problem. Join a Toastmasters group and begin to get experience. Nothing like baptism by fire. The only way to become a skilled speaker is to speak, and then speak some more, and then speak some more.

When you develop your selling skills and have developed a compelling message, you should begin to contact local business and civic groups in your marketplace and “sell” them on the letting you speak to their group. You won’t get paid to speak – at least initially – but it will get you introductions that will convert to appointments and sales. And that sure beats cold calling!