Quit Vomiting On Your Prospects

sales angry

William James, the father of modern psychology, taught us that the number one need of human beings is not to understand but to be understood. You will be enormously successful if this is also the number one need that you fill in your selling process.

Your prospects will not be inclined to listen or care what you have to say until they have unloaded what’s on their mind. Once they have the chance to “get it all out”, they will then be ready to listen – and more importantly – ready to be sold.

Two Ears One Mouth

As salespeople, we have stores of helpful information to share. Often times, we can’t wait to jump in and blurt out our wisdom and knowledge. The fact is that just has to wait. Instead of talking endlessly about what we do, how we do it and with whom we do it, we would be wise to learn how to ask questions that draw out the issues or concerns that our prospect has. Only when we fully understand what they are experiencing can we offer an intelligent solution.

Take stock of your process. Are you asking questions and gaining insight to prospects problems and concerns or are you “showing up and throwing up”?