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Had a coaching call today with a realtor who is in my Mastermind and offered her some sales advice. She has been a “Top Gun” agent every year since 2006. In 2014, out of one-hundred and fifty agents in her office, she was the #1 realtor in volume sold. In 2015, she was the #2 agent in units sold. Her income is in mid six figures. She desires to earn a million a year.

Our coaching call centered around how she could double her income without working more hours. She is literally maxed out and has no more time. Like a lot of salespeople, she is selling whatever comes her way. Many of her sales are coming from homes that are selling for much less than 250k.

After fifteen minutes of talking, my sales advice to her was to change her modus operandi and become a specialist in the luxury home market and only take listings or show homes that are going to sell for much more than 250k. While her unit sales will probably shrink, her income would go up. This sales advice might seem counterproductive at first glance. In reality, it isn’t because it takes the same amount of time to list a 180k home as it does to list a 400k home. But the payoff is more than double. The simple math says, she would have to sell two homes at 180k to make the same money as selling one at 400k.

Traditional sales advice creates self-limiting beliefs

Logically, this totally made sense to her. But emotionally, she struggled with a scarSales Advicecity mentality. Her comments were, “I don’t know if there are enough high end homes to sell and I don’t currently have any high end homes listed”. Classic glass half empty syndrome. And this thinking is coming from someone who is making nearly half a million dollars a year in sales commissions.

This line of thinking has nothing to do with sales ability or whether she has the skill set to sell million dollar homes. It has everything to do with having a heaping helping spoon full of “head trash” and self-limiting beliefs. When I pointed out this self-limiting belief to her, she agreed that the idea of promoting herself as the area’s “Premier Luxury Home Expert” made her very uncomfortable. She went on to say, “what will the other realtors in my office think of me”. My sales advice to her was that no realtor in her office was going to list or buy a home from her and since none of them were going to give her money she should care less what they thought. She agreed, but I know that my sales advice still made her uncomfortable.


avatarI have been in business for over twenty-five years and have worked with numerous “sale gurus”. Steve is absolutey the best I have ever worked with. He is the real deal. No fluff, just straight advice that really works.

Susan Berkley, CEO, The Great Voice Company

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