Sales Advice: Don’t Make Assumptions

Sales Advice Do not make Assumptions

Do NOT make assumptions. Ask good questions!

Of course, you’ve heard the old joke about assumptions make an ass out of you and an ass out of me. Salespeople assume answers to questions they don’t even ask.

What do they assume?

They assume that the prospect needs what they’re selling!

Ignorant sales managers will tell their sales team: “Everybody needs what we sell”

No, they don’t.

No, they don’t either.

Not everybody needs it.

But ignorant sales managers will tell their salespeople that everybody does.

Salespeople make an assumption that the prospect has money and they’re actually willing to invest it.

A salesperson will make an assumption about the timing of when the prospect is going to do something.

They make assumptions about the decision-making process.

They make an assumption about the urgency for the prospect to do something.

They make an assumption about whether or not the prospect has commitment.

Salespeople make all kinds of assumptions most of which are not true at all!

By longshot, they make assumptions because they do not ask good questions.

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