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Sales Advice: You MUST be Clear

sales advice clarity

How many times have you gone on the sales call and you’ve left there with some vague idea about what was going to happen next? You made an assumption about what the next step was. You assumed something was going to happen when in fact, you aren’t even close to what happened. If there is […]

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Sales Advice: Peeling the Onion

sales advice

I learned in counseling that the clients’ presenting problem that they came into to talk to me about was NEVER the real problem. The real problem was three… four… or five… eight… twelve… twenty seven layers deeper than that. This is because they did not understand what the problem was. See, if they understood what […]

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Sales Advice: Show Up and Throw Up

sales advice product knowledge

Salespeople show up and throw up. They show up and vomit on their prospect! They vomit product knowledge and information. The one thing that a salesperson knows more than anything else is their product. Hence, the more a salesperson is trained in product knowledge, the greater the likelihood of them wanting to present their product […]

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