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Sales Advice: You are the Interviewer

Here’s a secret for you… The only way you’ll know what a prospect is thinking is when they open their mouth and tell you what they’re thinking. And the only way you will know what they’re thinking is to get them talking about what they’re thinking… And the only way to get them to talk about […]

Sales Advice: Don’t Make Assumptions

Do NOT make assumptions. Ask good questions!   Of course, you’ve heard the old joke about assumptions make an ass out of you and an ass out of me. Salespeople assume answers to questions they don’t even ask.   What do they assume? They assume that the prospect needs what they’re selling! Ignorant sales managers […]

Sales Advice: Selling is NOT telling

Salespeople have been very guilty rightfully so of talking too much.   The outgoing personality style seems to be the style most attracted to selling. There’s more of this outgoing personality style and selling than any other personality style.   Outgoing individuals would rather talk than listen so they have a natural tendency to want […]