Sales Advice: Driver or Influencer?

Donald Trump would be an example of a driver.

Don't beat around the bush... Let's get right to it... Don't mince any words... Tell it like it is... Straight to the point!

A driver is an extrovert who primarily is task-oriented as opposed to people-oriented. Drivers do not dwell in the feeling realm; they do deal in the task realm who likes to get things done without much regard to personal matters such as feelings.

The second type is called an influencer or expressive. They are extroverts who are people-oriented as opposed to task-orient. They like to mix and mingle they have lots of friends.

You may spot influencers on the sales call that lasts an hour. They'll spend 55 minutes chit-chatting and 5 minutes talking about business. The highest percentage of people in sales fall into this category as influencers.

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