Sales Advice: Peeling the Onion

sales advice

I learned in counseling that the clients’ presenting problem that they came into to talk to me about was NEVER the real problem. The real problem was three… four… or five… eight… twelve… twenty seven layers deeper than that.

This is because they did not understand what the problem was.

See, if they understood what the problem was and they understood how to fix it, they would have never come to me. So instead, they came to me to help them clarify their thought process because they weren’t sure what the problem was. They thought they had an idea about the problem but after talking and coming to me for three or four sessions, they find out why they got a problem they didn’t know about and that their presenting problem wasn’t the real problem at all.

Same thing with prospects and selling!

The problem the prospect tells you about is never the problem. Your job is to get in there and strip away layers of the onion. Peel away the veneer behind people’s BS and their incomplete information they give you and so forth and so on. You strip away psychologically layer after layer after layer until you get down to the core issue of what’s the real problem.

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