Sales Advice: Show Up and Throw Up

sales advice product knowledge

Salespeople show up and throw up. They show up and vomit on their prospect! They vomit product knowledge and information.

The one thing that a salesperson knows more than anything else is their product. Hence, the more a salesperson is trained in product knowledge, the greater the likelihood of them wanting to present their product knowledge to people they talk to.

Technical salespeople are especially guilty of this because they have a mindset and emotional need to impress people with their knowledge. That manifests itself in the selling situation of them going out and when you ask them what time it is, they’ll tell you how the watch was made.

The greater the technical expertise, the more likely that personality type is shown. They would want to tell you way far more than you want to know or need to know.

The more they talk, the greater the chance of them interjecting something into the conversation that creates fear or doubt in the mind of the prospect. Once fear or doubt is created in the mind of a prospect, they’re not buying anything.

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