Sales Advice: Why You Should Avoid Low Price Buyers

Steve Clark 8 Sales Advice Tips

Really good salespeople, really successful salespeople, avoid low price buyers. When they encounter them, they cut them loose quickly and don’t deal with them.

If you are to excel in the world of professional selling, I encourage you to take my sales advice and accept the below reasons about why you don’t want to deal with low price buyers and shoppers.

 Sales advice:  8 reasons not to mess with low price buyersSteve Clark 8 Sales Advice Tips

1) Number one, they will waste your time.  They absolutely will waste your time making you jump through a bunch of hoops and giving you a difficult time and treating you like a second-class citizen and so forth.

2) Number two, they complain constantly.  They are going to complain constantly.  You can never make them happy.  They are always griping and complaining.

3) Number three, they forget to pay you.  Or if they pay you, they are slow payers, or you have to chase the money.

4) Number four, they brag to others about how they beat you up on price.

5) Number five, they drive away good customers because they suck up all your time so that you don’t have time to get to better customers.  So, they end up driving away good customers because you can’t even get to them.

6) Number six, they will not become repeat customers.  If they bought on price, then the next time they buy something, they are going to buy on price and when they find somebody a nickel cheaper then they are going to jump ship and go deal with that person.

7) Number seven, they destroy your credibility and lower your self-esteem.  This may be the most important one as to why you should not deal with these people.  They lower your self-esteem.

8) They steal your ideas, your designs, and information and they do not want to pay you for your advice and counsel.  They scheme to steal your information and they want to use that to shop around and do business with your low-ball competitor.

Selling is a tough business.  You get beat up constantly. I’ve never been an NFL player or anything like that, but I can’t imagine too many things more difficult than being a salesperson and all the failure and heart ache that goes along with that.  The only thing I can think of as similar is baseball when two out of three times at the plate you strike out or make an out and are still considered an excellent hitter. Professionally selling kind of goes along in that same vein.

The best sales advice I can give you is to not let low price buyers diminish your self-respect.  There’s enough heartache and failure that comes with the territory so you sure don’t need others to add to that feeling of failure.

I encourage you to study this sales advice and internalize these eight reasons not to mess with low price buyers.

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