Sales Advice: You Need a System

sales advice you need a system

Every business has a system for doing business.

In accounting, they have double-entry bookkeeping.

In engineering, they have certain ways of doing things. When they built this building, they had a blueprint that was detailed all the way down to where every light fixture was going to be and where every outlet in the building was going to be. It's all detailed out!

When you ask a salesperson, "What is your selling system?"

They're like "Huh? I just want to go help people."

Then just go get in social work, right?

You want to have a system for selling.

The New School Selling process is a system that will work every time when you employ it properly. You either make a sale or if you don't make a sale, you're able to go back and figure out why you didn't make that sale.

If you didn't make the sale, it was for any number of reasons. It could be they didn't really have a commitment or they didn't have money or you messed it up somewhere along the way. But in any event, it's predictable.

You want to operate with a system because operating with a system is much better than just flying by the seat of your pants.

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