Sales Coaching To Develop Goal Clarity

One of the things that is important and really necessary if you are going to have your best year ever is taking an inventory of the obstacles standing between where you are now and having your best year ever. Sales coaching can help identify and neutralize obstacles that would prevent you from having your best year.

Most of those obstacles are internal.

There may be a few that are external.

One of the huge internal obstacles is lack of goal clarity.

When I ask folks: “How much money would you like to make next year I most often hear: “More than I made this year.”

When I ask a company owner: “How much would you like to grow your company next year?” I often hear, “a lot”.

Those are real fuzzy goals or objectives and it’s going to be very difficult to have any significant increase in your income or your production or growing your company until you can have goal clarity and can identify with laser-like precision where it is you want to go or what you want to achieve and a time table for the achievement of the goal.

Here’s an analogy that puts this in perspective.

Let’s pretend I go up to the airline ticket counter and say to the ticket agent, “I’d like to buy a ticket.”

And the ticket agent says, “Where would you like to go?”

And I respond, “I’m not really sure. I just want to go to fun place that’s real warm.”

The ticket agent would look at me and then look at the thirty-seven people behind me; smile and say something like, “Well, sir, I can’t really help you so why don’t you step out of the line and figure out where it is you want to go so I can help all the other people here that do know where they want to go.”

That’s the same response I get from many of my sales coaching clients when I ask them how much they want to grow their income next year or what do they want their sales force to look like next year?

When I ask, “How many salespeople do you want to have and what kind of territories and where do you want them to be?”  “I don’t know. I just like to have some more. I sure hope the economy turns around.”

Until you have goal clarity you will become what Zig Ziglar called a wandering generality as opposed to a meaningful specific. You are just wandering around out there, putting in more time, going through the motions. And when all is said and done, you end up where you end up but it won’t be by your own design.

If you desire to have your best year ever and would like some help clarifying what you want to achieve, schedule a free 30-minute sales coaching call to help you with this. The call is free and so is the advice.