Time Management: A Sales Management Training Myth

Steve Clark on Sales Management Training

Probably every sales management training course teaches time management. I’ve read nearly every time management book ever written and seen just about every time management system ever devised.

I’ve owned most of them and what I will tell you is, none of them really work. They really don’t. You spend more time trying to figure out how to use the organizer than you do actually doing anything.

Frankly, the only ones who benefit from this whole charade is the people who sell time management systems. They have made a lot of money selling time management systems that masquerade as sales management training.

Here’s the reality and why time management doesn’t work.

Time management is not about sales management training.

Steve Clark on Sales Management TrainingTime management doesn’t work because it’s impossible to manage time. You cannot manage time. You cannot stop time from occurring any more than you can stop the tide of the ocean from coming in. Just as the tide comes in and goes out, time goes on, regardless of what you do.

And the seasons of the year change and you will go around the sun one more time in 365 days regardless of whether or not you do anything or not. So, you’re not going to manage time; it’s going to continue.

When sales managers or owners talk with me in my sales management training and say; “oh, I need to manage my time better”, I’m like; “no, you don’t because it is impossible to manage time.”

That’s not the issue. The issue is controlling your own personal behavior because ultimately there are only three things in this life you and I have any control over whatsoever.

What we think, what we say and what we do. Period!

Those are the only three things we have any control over.

You don’t have control over your spouse or over your sales reps or employees. Nor do you have control over your children, and any of you who are married or have children that have tried to control them know exactly what I’m talking about. It just does not work.

All it does is damage the relationship and create turmoil.

You cannot control other people. Ultimately, you must accept that you can only control yourself and what you think, what you say and what you do. How well you do those three things will determine to what degree of prosperity or lack of prosperity or peace of mind that you experience in life.