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Sixteen Areas That Sales Training Will Improve

Is sales training an expense or an investment? The answer depends on what kind of training and how effective the training is. Competent professional sales training will help companies improve in all of the following areas: 1. More effective management of complex, big dollar deals: Sales training can help you win the big ones by […]

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Empowering Company Representatives to Truly Represent

Few things are more likely to destroy the trust between businesses, not to mention the confidence of employees who are tasked with representing their companies in a variety of roles, than sending those employees into situations and to meetings without the requisite power to make decisions. A contract manager, account manager or salesperson who doesn’t […]

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What Kind of Sales People Do You Have Working for You?

Like the optimistic goal of finding the perfect husband or wife, the hunt for the perfect sales person goes unfulfilled. For as long as sales people have roamed the earth there have been “winners” and “losers.” For just as long, sales managers have been searching for the elusive “perfect sales person.” Sales managers perspectives must […]

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