Say Cheese!

Hey, check out the new picture of me. Every time I do something they run for the camera….not sure if you can tell from this picture but I was lying around waiting for a nap to ensue. That being such a rare thing for a dog I guess they felt compelled to take a picture and preserve the moment!!  Maybe tomorrow they’ll capture the ultimate “Dog” moment on film – me licking myself! We know what a rarity that is for a dog!!!

Exactly why do you people take pictures of your pets anyway?? Other people do NOT think your pets are cute…..or your kids for that matter! No matter what they say when you show them the picture they secretly think your kids are not as cute as theirs or they question why the hell you carry around a picture of your dog in your wallet!!  So what’s the point??

And even more bizarre – why in the world do you pose us? We always look so stupid….Look at my picture again…..I’m in the middle of a perfectly placed blanket on the sofa next to a mail bin of outgoing newsletters. That picture screams posed. You know if I had my way I’d be on the section of the sofa WITHOUT the protective covering with my head buried in those strategically placed pillows and that mail bin would have been knocked to the floor the second I spotted it.  But that scenario does not a Kodak moment make so there I sit….posed and pretty giving the impression that I had something to do with you getting your newsletter on time.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love having my picture taken. And I don’t really mind being posed on the sofa….but that’s mostly because I know that after the pictures are taken and you feed me I will be running up and down the front of that very same sofa wiping my face clean. Your sofa is my napkin….revenge is sweet!

See you next month.

Your Friend,