Stuck In A Comfort Zone

All of us experience a “comfort zone” from time to time. This is a natural part of the human experience. That is not the problem. The problem is not recognizing or being aware or knowing what to do when we are in a comfort zone. How do we recognize and avoid the natural tendency to get stuck in a comfort zone?

Recognize The Trap

Look back over your past experiences and identify those times in your life when your performance leveled off for no apparent reason. Is there a pattern A person in a comfort zone tends to feel tense and uneasy about change, or even the thought of change. Emerson said, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” You can overcome the tendency to stay trapped in a comfort zones by first recognizing it in yourself and then by observing it in others.

Analyze Your Behavior

In the past when you found yourself in a comfort zone did you push through it or did you change course to avoid the discomfort of change?

Keep An Open Mind

Remember, a hallmark of high achievers people is an open mind on all subjects, the willingness to listen carefully and patiently, without prejudgment or jumping to conclusions.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Fear of failure, of being wrong, of making a mistake keeps people from risking and trying to break out of their comfort zone. Probably 80 percent or more of adults are so worried about being wrong that they shy away from any risky situation.

Set Goals And Take Action

Develop and visualize clearly goals and objectives. Goals create passion. Without passion we become complacent and begin a downward spiral towards mediocrity. This leads to self-doubt and erosion of our self worth.

Commit To Excellence

Commit to reaching the highest levels of your potential. Each time you break through a comfort zone and achieve a higher level of performance set new goals.

Look at your comfort zone as a motivator, not a barrier. Breaking through your comfort zone leads you to higher and higher levels of accomplishment and brings exhilaration and increased self worth.

Richard Lindsey

Great post Steve! It’s good to be reminded sometimes that we have to keep moving toward our golas. Actions win the game.

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