Summer Fun??!!!

Can we talk?  I think it’s time you people come up with a few different ways to entertain your dog especially during the hot summer months. You seem to have no problem at all coming up with ways to entertain yourselves that in the process also provide some relief from the summer heat. Swimming, boating, jet skiing……..does anyone else see a theme here? All your entertainment involves water – cool, refreshing water! Now let’s take a look at the entertainment options for your dog:

Running to chase that ball – extremely hot and NOT fun!

Running to chase that stick – extremely hot and NOT fun!

“Git” that Rabbit – extremely annoying and NOT fun….oh and by the way – not only is “Git” not a word we know there isn’t a rabbit anywhere in the vicinity (hence the annoying part!).

Unlike running however, we love our walks. Unfortunately, you found a way to ruin those for us as well. The retractable leash! You loosen it up just enough to let us think we have free reign and then you lock it in place knowing we’ll take off when you point out the “phantom rabbit”! Oh I know it cracks you up every time but in the canine scheme of things the humor is totally lost on us!

The point I am trying to make is that running in the summer months is just downright absurd. In fact it’s not a great idea in any kind of weather!! You may argue that sled dogs appear to enjoy their calling. Sled dogs appropriately live in Alaska.  Have you ever seen 6 German Shepherds pulling a Volkswagen??  No, you haven’t…there’s a reason for that…. And it’s the same reason you don’t see Summer Olympic sprinters covered in fur.  IT’S TOO HOT!

Ok, I’ll give credit where credit is due –  aside from running for the ball/stick/rabbit you’ve been able to come up with a few other ways to entertain your dog. Let’s see there’s the Squeeze toy that takes us, on average, 8 seconds to pop the squeaker out of and then all we’re left with is a fake rubber hot dog with a hole in it.

There’s the old tied up tube sock – who the hell came up with this?? And why does everyone think we’d be even the least bit entertained being on the losing end of that tug-o-war??  Oh and check out my picture this month. Can you tell what I’m playing with? Neither can I but its furry and not the least bit refreshing!! It’s Summer in Florida and I’m playing with a piece of fur!!

I guess what I’m trying to say is since you’ve done such a lackluster job over the years trying to amuse your pets just admit defeat and leave things to us. If nothing else – we came up with ’licking ourselves’ and you know as well as I do that beats that knotted tube sock any day!

See you next month.

Your Friend, Jake