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Let the Job Talk

Benchmark the Job, Not the People Whether you are hiring new sales reps or trying to gauge the potential performance of existing ones the key lies in benchmarking the position. But are you using the right benchmark? Some managers might benchmark top performers in the position, hoping to hire a “clone” or coach everyone to […]

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Effective Sales Management: Recruiting

Sales is a career with enormous opportunity. For those who are ambitious sales is an extremely attractive profession. A sales career offers high income, personal freedom, and limitless opportunities. With all of these benefits why is it so hard for companies to attract, recruit, build and maintain a highly productive sales team? With all that […]

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Are Sales Winners Born Or Made?

If you ask the average person to describe salespeople, you’ll hear words like pushy, manipulative, slick, self-serving, phony, and a list of other things no mother wants her child to be. For as long as most of us can remember, the sales profession has been the butt of jokes. That’s a shame when you consider […]

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