The Coast is Almost Clear!

To all my canine friends – LISTEN UP!

It’s the middle of August and do you know what that means? Of course you do – it’s what every dog waits for after a summer of “fun” with the neighborhood kids.  The FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL is just around the corner.  Woo Hoo…The neighborhood will belong to the dogs again. No more having to dodge kids on bikes, skateboards, roller blades or whatever the latest craze is that poses a severe threat to the family dog! All we have to do is hang tight until that big yellow bus is out of sight  first thing in the morning and the rest of the day can be spent doing what we do best – laying motionless. And we can do it wherever we want – in the front yard, the driveway, the sidewalk – it doesn’t matter. Yep, the neighborhood is all ours again and man what a long three months it’s been. I’ve never had to dodge so many things in all my life. Napping outside became a hazard – If one kid wasn’t doing wheelies on his bike in the front yard, 3 other kids made our driveway a pit stop (and unlike NASCAR there was no speed limit!!).

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it’s safe to assume that PETA has not joined forces with OSHA. Well they should! No dog is safe when surrounded by a group of kids whose main goal for the summer is to irritate their parents and torment the dog.  Every summer it’s the same thing – kids hop off that bus for the last time until school resumes in the fall and there isn’t a dog around that doesn’t cringe knowing that the next 3 months will be torturous !! He knows his water bowl will be used to fill squirt guns; his quiet place out back will be taken over by every kid in the neighborhood whose parents did NOT put in a pool last summer.

Well guys it’s almost over…… It’s just a matter of time before we can lay around in the yard and not worry about being mistaken for first base or used as a speed bump during. Be patient my friends the end is in sight….we can go back to chasing our tails for entertainment instead of tucking them between our legs and hiding under the glider until the coast is clear. If the kids in your neighborhood haven’t gone back to school yet – I’ve seen a few buses in the area (even chased one) so it won’t be long.  The coast is ALMOST clear!

Until Next Month
Your Friend,

Marilou Kettle

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