The Michael Baker Podcast

Recently I was interviewed and featured on the Michael Baker Podcast. If you don’t know Mike Baker, here’s a description of his podcast…

“The Awesome Wholesaler Experience Podcast explores the many facets of The Job, The Career, and The Lifestyle of The Awesome Wholesaler!Each episode will bring to you a fun, informative, and maybe even inspiring look into some of the topics that are interesting and most important to us Wholesalers.We will take deep dives into the Great Books and Development Programs that will continue our education to better ourselves and our craft.We will conduct in depth interviews with some industry icons; Great Financial Advisors, Legendary Wholesalers and Their Teams, Important Thought Leaders and Service Providers that serve our Community to make our Experience an Awesome One!I am your host, Veteran Investment Company Spokesman(Wholesaler) and the Creator of The Awesome Wholesaler Experience, Awesome Mike Baker (Magic Mike was already taken…lol.)”

Below is the link. Go listen to it. And Give my friend Mike Baker a 5-Star review on his podcast. 

Wishing you all the success you have the guts to claim!