The Most Powerful Business Tool of All Time

What’s the most powerful sales tool of all time?

I’ll give you a hint:  it’s NOT direct mail, TV, or email. It’s nothing internet-based, either (FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.)

The most powerful Sales Tool of all time – hands down – is STILL the telephone.


* Because Everyone knows how to use one;

* Most people have one with them 100% of the time, and;

* Our most intimate relationships are lived through it.

If you don’t believe me ask yourself these questions:

What did your customers do this past Thanksgiving?  On Mother’s Day?

Their best friend’s birthday?

They got on the phone and opened their hearts over the telephone to their loved ones.

How do people connect with those that matter most in their lives? Not thru a 140 character tweet or a FaceBook post. No, if they cannot get face to face with the ones they love, they pick up the phone and call them. Next to face to face, the telephone is the most intimate way to connect. And selling is all about connecting intimately, establishing trust and building rapport.

Trying to establish intimate relationships electronically or in print is difficult. As human beings we are programmed for community and connection and this is best done live and in person or on the phone not thru some electronic, sterile medium.

If you want to dramatically increase your income, embrace the phone as a friend and discover how to significantly increase your effectiveness.

Debby McKinney

Steve, I agree the telephone is a very powerful sales tool. Yet in many businesses it appears to be a lost art. At first the phone can be difficult but I have found ways to make it as you say “a friend” and a good one at that.

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