The Most Powerful Business Tool You Will Ever Encounter

The most basic fact of business life is that all human beings have scotomas, blind spots, prejudices, and biases and are not able to see with objective clarity. Yea, I know, you think you are different and do not suffer from the illusion of reality.

You probably think you have it all together and do not experience episodic periods of delusional thinking and lack of clarity about your business and life. If so, welcome to the ranks of the arrogant and ignorant who eventually find out they were wrong. Fact is, it is impossible to read the label when you are inside the bottle and there are things about you that you don’t know and that only other people are able to see. The truly humble and emotionally intelligent individual realizes this and is open and seeks objective feedback from others that allows them to become a more functional and productive person and business professional.
In the classic book Think and Grow Rich, author Napoleon Hill tells us how Henry Ford overcame some big handicaps such as poverty, illiteracy, and ignorance and became one of the richest men in America. Hill notes that Mr.Ford’s outstanding achievements began to take great strides after he started forming alliances with other great businessmen. “People take on the nature and the habits and the POWER OF THOUGHT of those with whom they associate in a sprit of sympathy and harmony,” writes Hill. If you ask the top leaders and CEOs what they attribute their success to, most would credit their Mastermind experiences.

What is a Mastermind group? It can best be described as one part board of directors and one part peer-advisory committee. A Mastermind group is a group of like-minded individuals, typically business owners, who come together to contribute to each others success in a spirit of harmony and partnership.The POWER of the Mastermind experience is that it can lift your mind and vision to enable you to see things that you otherwise could not see because you are too close to your business.

Here’s the real secret- great minds don’t always think alike! That’s why the best leaders turn to Mastermind groups. Just imagine sitting around a table with successful people from many different fields and walks of life and having them freely, openly, and confidentially share what they would do to grow your business.

It’s easy to feel isolated as an entrepreneur and it’s difficult to find peers who understand your challenges and issues. Participating in a Mastermind group will accelerate your discovery of success ideas and strategies that might take years to figure out on your own if they ever occurred to you at all.

Behind Closed Doors ….. What Really Happens in a Mastermind Meeting

First let’s deal with the elephant in the room. Most people don’t have a freaking clue about what happens in a Mastermind group.

If you have never been part of a Mastermind group you might be wondering, “What does a Mastermind Group really look like?” and “What will I contribute or get out of it?”

The term “Mastermind” is a bit deceiving because there are no masters in the group just normal folks, like you and me. Because there are no gurus for anyone to impress the atmosphere is one of authenticity and transparency and there is an incredible feeling of support and camaraderie. Titles, egos, and income statements are all checked at the door.

The group exists for only one reason – to advance and further the success and wealth of its members as a whole. This is a critical factor for joining a Mastermind Group and is usually what separates those who “get it” from those who don’t. Long-term members understand the value of their investment and don’t look at it as a short-term expense.

All members get to share what is going on in their businesses and lives. Each member has the opportunity to present an issue of concern or to bounce a new business idea off the group. You often hear about successes, failures, business challenges, personal issues, and whatever else is going on in the members’ lives.

Prior to becoming a member, you must agree to a strict level of confidentiality, which ensures that meetings are safe havens to openly share experiences and ask questions. Members also report on what they have accomplished and implemented since the previous meeting. This accountability is an important part of the Mastermind process and is a useful way to measure progress between meetings. This accountability can be a powerful motivator in taking action in your business. The most successful members ask for specific and direct feedback from the collective wisdom and experience of the group, which is what Dan Kennedy refers to as the “power of fresh eyes.”

There is no doubt that being part of a Mastermind Group can help your business. The question remains – Are you prepared to take the necessary steps to join one? I will be starting a face-to-face quarterly Mastermind group soon. If you have interest in learning more about this group email me at

Richard Lindsey

Great Steve! Two questions I had before I joined a mastermind group were, “Am I ready for a mastermind group? Am I really going to benefit from it?” When someone wants to grow their business more than anything else, then, and only then are they ready.

Shannon Howell

Yes, I am interested in using any tool too help me improve. I do need some guidance on my entrepreneur path.

Kelly Mayeux


Let me know when you start the Mastermind program. I would like to be part of it.


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