These Three Techniques Will Motivate Your Team


Superior training, great products, and generous perks are all wasted if your team has no motivation to work hard.

Here are some field-tested tactics managers can use to pump up their people and help them reach their full potential:

Show them how they improve customers’ lives.  All employees want to know their work is meaningful.  At your next staff meeting, make a list of the different ways your products or services help people. Employees will be more engaged when they truly believe that their work has a positive impact.

Don’t let employees get into a rut. Be unpredictable.  One company closes its doors every Friday afternoon so the team can read and discuss the latest business books. This kind of break is crucial to keeping employees charged up.

Keep symbols of success out in the open. Post letters from satisfied customers and memos of praise from your corporate officers. Tangible evidence of success will keep your team focused on its goals.