What About My Vacation?

It’s that time of year…..Everyone is getting anxious to go on vacation. Steve has been all over lately. Already this year he’s been to Baltimore, Cleveland (twice), all over Alabama and he’s heading to Chicago at the end of the month.  Families everywhere will start making travel plans. But……

Does Jake get to go on vacation?

Does Jake get to see the country?

Hold on I know the answer – No I do not!!

Not that I’d be all that excited about going to Baltimore or Cleveland, especially in the winter, but would it kill them to load me in the car and drive me somewhere, anywhere?? I’d even settle for a quick ride to Destin.   Is that too much for a dog to ask?! Geez people……speaking for all dogs – we can only sit in front of the screen door for so long. I know we’re NOT at the beach even if there is sand all over the porch and I feel a breeze every once in a while!!

Oh wait a minute – occasionally I get to go to the Dog Park in Navarre – like 3 miles from my own front yard! I get to ‘take a walk’ and ‘romp around’ in other dog’s poop. Hardly the adventure I was promised when I interviewed for this family pet position!

And to make matters worse….I know for a fact that there are Pet-Friendly hotels all up and down the Florida coast.  Places they could take me for some fun in the sun. And yet they seem to think allowing me in their pool when they accidentally throw my ball into it should suffice. Hey Steve, it’s a bath minus the suds and nothing more!

Oh and get this – Pets are forbidden on Navarre Beach! What’s up with that? Not sure why dogs and cats are singled out…..any bird is welcome to land anywhere on that beach……the water is full of creatures that wash up all the time but hey –  no problem. Dogs and cats – oh no we can’t let them on the beach. They might pee or even worse. Never mind that most of the people on the beach are snuffing out their cigarettes in the sand or drinking beer all afternoon and peeing right there in that low-sitting chair…that’s the reason those chairs were invented you know – so beach goers wouldn’t have to get up and go into the water to relieve themselves. No one seems to have a problem with any of that but don’t let them see you walking me on the beach. It’s just not fair…and where is the ACLU on this one??!!

Until Next Time,

Your Friend,

Steve Clark

Hey, Jake good news. You are going to South Carolina with Steve and the family in May. You get to stay in a hotel, visit a state park and actually get to see the beach at Myrtle Beach. Let’s not hear anymore complaining or whining, please.

Cindi Lowden

Hey Steve, I wasn’t whining. I was simply stating the facts. I’ll believe I’m going to South Carolina when my paws hit that sandy beach!!

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