What Does It Take?

“Successful people make the habit of doing on a daily basis the things that unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.” -Albert E. N. Gray

This quote was part of a talk entitled “The “Common Denominator Of Success”, that Mr. Gray, who was with Prudential, gave at the 1940 NALU convention in Philadelphia. It is as true today as it was in 1940.

While there are many habits that successful sales people do on a daily basis none are more important than prospecting. Prospecting is not simply part of sales. IT IS SALES.

While marketing and advertising are helpful there is nothing that can produce results quicker than picking up the phone and calling people to determine if they need or want what it is you sell.

We have trained hundreds of Financial Planners, Life Insurance Agents, Property and Casualty Agents, Stock Brokers and other Sales Professionals. In most cases their number one problem was that they were not consistently in front of enough new people daily. This was because they did not implement and execute an effective prospecting plan.