What You Have Been Taught About Selling No Longer Works

If you are like most high performance sales professionals, you have had some sort of sales training. Maybe you’ve attended the one day traveling circus featuring Zig Ziglar, Tommy Hopkins, Brian Tracy, etc. Maybe you’ve even bought some of their books and/or CDs. Perhaps you enrolled in a training class or have taken one of the dozens and dozens of crappy “old school” courses that passes for sales training today.

If you have never been exposed to this stuff, let me save you the time and tell you why it doesn’t work in today’s new economy. Today’s buyers are more educated, sophisticated and jaundiced than at any time in history. When it comes to sales pitches, they have seen it all and are immediately turned off when a salesperson begins to use tired, old, worn out pitches they have heard before. What these old, dead (or almost dead) geriatrics developed 30, 40, or even 50 years ago no longer works. Yet today – if they are still alive – or their children or surrogates are still “traveling the circuit” extracting as much money as they can from each market and then move on before the gullible people who bought their stuff realize that what they bought was recycled ‘old school’ sales training repackaged in a shiny new wrapper.

Trust is at an all time low. It has been replaced by skepticism and disbelief.  We now live in a New Economy in which sales people, business owners and corporate leaders are no longer trusted and, in fact, are loathed and despised by the buyer. Even the government – perhaps especially the government – has proven itself spectacularly untrustworthy.

Today, we are bombarded daily by media given to sensationalized distrust of those in business; so it is perfectly understandable that BUYERS DON’T TRUST YOU – NOT ONE WORD YOU SAY, NOT ANY PROMISE YOU MAKE, NOT ANY ORGANIZATION OR PRODUCT YOU REPRESENT!

The dirty talk about the secret of widespread bank insolvency and stock market meltdown is that over a trillion dollars of private capital has evaporated from the market place and those that have money are now in mattress-savings mode and other ultra safe low yield investments. Bluntly put, you must employ more effective selling skills to lower buyers’ skepticism and resistance and help them overcome their heightened fear of making a mistake or being taken advantage of.

Any sales professional seeking to establish new relationships and secure new clients in this environment finds himself extremely handicapped by severe and exceptionally firm and stubborn distrust. Those “old pros” using selling skills acquired pre-2008 are experiencing increasing difficulty securing appointments, longer sales cycles, lower initial transactions, price objections and heightened reluctance by clients to refer.

THERE ARE EFFECTIVE NEW SALES TACTICS and strategies, but they are not the same ones that worked nicely, pre-2008. But before new strategies can be employed you must understand and realize that the emotional and psychological makeup of buyers has changed, requiring you to start your initial conversation at a different place than you did pre-2008.

To break through these barriers and establish trust, you have to know how to use effective advanced human behavior and psychology principles. And that is exactly what the New School Selling System™ teaches.


What makes New School Selling ™ different?

Before I got in sales, I was a professional therapist. Yep, sort of like a shrink. I have a Master’s Degree with a specialization in counseling. To my knowledge, I am the only sales training human on the planet that has a professional therapist background.

What does that have to do with selling you ask?

Well, one of the secrets I discovered during my ten thousand hours of studying counseling, neuroscience, cognitive psychology and the new field of behavioral economics is that there is only one difference between a great sales person and a great therapist. The difference – the really great sales person makes a hell of a lot more money. Same skill set but more money.

If discovering this revelation doesn’t create a major ‘aha’ for you then you should probably stop reading now because the sophisticated stuff that is taught in New School Sellingmay be over your head. Frankly, this powerful advanced stuff is not for mental midgets or those who live in the “land of oblivion”.

jim byrd

Bring it on Steve, I am ready to learn. Show me the money!

Rob Wolford


This one nailed me. 25 years and for the most part savvy and current. Its really laziness that allows these old pitches to come out. I can “close” but I am stuck in the 80’s and 90’s

Thanks for the wake up call

Steve Clark

Bob, most folks that have been around the selling block a time or two are stuck in the 80’s or 90’s. Trouble is what used to work doesn’t work anymore because there is a complete lack of trust of anyone in business and most especially anyone in sales. Even what worked pre 2008 does not work anymore.

Thanks for the comment.

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