Who Else Want to Increase Sales Rep Productivity By At Least 37% and Reduce Sales Rep Turnover More Than 62%

This article was originaly written by TTI Performace Systems, Ltd

“Many entrepreneurs hit the ground running with drive and determination, high energy and big goals. With this approach, they often find success as they watch their company grow and prosper. However, this approach can also fall short when the future of the company depends on satisfied employees.

This is exactly where the president of Apex Capital L.P. found himself. As a young, Texas entrepreneur, he had built a successful company with 91 full-time employees, double-digit annual growth and at least $50 million per month in financial transactions. Everything seemed great, but he was quickly noticing that his employees weren’t so fond of his hard-driving, impatient and direct style. With retention rates dangerously low and recruitment even worse, he knew something needed to change, he just didn’t know where to start—until he contacted Lori Link.

Link, president of Resource Link and a TTI’s Chairman’s Club member, showed Apex Capital L.P. how performance improvement, team building and individual development impact the bottom line. Link started with a personal and in-depth session with the company’s president that included TriMetrix® to help define behaviors, motivators and personal skills. From there, she used the same approach to help the Apex Capital L.P. team better lead and manage, as well as make effective hiring decisions. Ultimately, Link helped transform the organization. “If you want to talk return on investment, it’s unbelievable,” said the president of Apex Capital L.P.

Turnover has dropped dramatically, from as high as 78% to a mere 16%.
• The company increased overall productivity, despite a 49% growth in personnel.
• Client retention improved 65%.
• The company was recognized as one of the top 60 companies to work for in Texas.

Although the numbers for 2007 are not final, Link expects another year of continued success. The future looks bright for both Apex Capital and Resource Link, as they are starting more in-depth position development and management training. The company’s president wants to lead a team of people who not only enjoy their work but are also naturally good at what they do. “As a result, they are happy employees. That means I have happy clients, and happy clients keep you growing,” he says.”

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