Why This Year Will Be a Repeat Of Last Year For Most


You, like most, have good intentions and are hoping that you will make some positive changes
in the New Year that will propel you to greater success.  Sadly, you will probably not make those changes and 2012 will be a repeat of 2011.


There are many reasons why but here are the 2 biggest reasons:

Reason #1. Your WHY isn’t big enough and, as a result, lack the passion and commitment to do what it takes to achieve a significant new outcome.  Only when your why goes from a NICE TO HAVE into a MUST HAVE will you change and do the behaviors necessary to achieve your goal.

Simply put – it is only when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and are sick to your stomach, mad as hell and unwilling to tolerate your current situation another minute will you do anything to change your current situation. Usually this motivation is imposed from a set of external circumstances that forces you get up off your duff and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

You know you need to make a change and you’re ready to commit but somehow you never quite get around to it and end up rationalizing and making excuses. This is a habit of losers and of the mass of mediocrity. If you are to become more successful and achieve anything of significance you must first master self control. When you do, there is hope. But until you do there is no hope of things ever being different.


Read the above paragraph 10 times and think about it.

Reason #2. You lack the skills and knowledge to be more successful. Your current status in life and specifically in selling is a reflection of your skill set. If you are making 50k a year you have a 50k skill set. If you desire to make 100k you must develop a 100k skill set. Frankly, it is delusional to think that you can make 100k with a 50k skill set.

If you truly want to achieve greatness here are three things you must do:

1. Develop a “Burning Desire” for something. Write down 4 things you must have more money

for and cannot currently afford. Things you want to acquire, places you want to visit, causes

you want to support, etc. Doesn’t matter what it is only that it requires you to make a

significant amount of money and more than you are making now.

2. Invest in yourself by upgrading your skills and knowledge. Take some classes, start reading

and studying. Listen to audio programs that will enhance your knowledge base. Hire a coach

who will work with you one on one to improve your skills and knowledge.

My favorite way to do this?

MODEL those who are already successfully achieving the goals you want to
achieve!  Want to make 100k this year?  Find someone who already did that and
is now teaching others how to do it!

Want a HUGE hint on how to make this happen?

Meet regularly with others who are action-takers and enrolled in my Inner Circle Coaching


3. Seek ACCOUNTABILITY.  Join a Mastermind Group or an Accountability Group and have

others help, prod, and lift you up to a higher level EVERY month. (if you have interest in

becoming part of my 2012 Mastermind and Implementation TeleCoaching Program e mail

me and someone will be in touch with you)

If you take all three of these steps in 2012, you will experience a significant shift in your

thinking that will lead you to massive implementation, massive action, and massive growth in

your business.