Why You Should Not Listen To Most So Called Marketing Experts

There are an endless number of marketing experts and business people who will line up to tell you how direct response marketing doesn’t work. Don‘t you fall for that line of faulty thinking because direct response marketing is alive and well.

A Real Example

As a direct response experiment, I recently wrote a 10 page sales letter and order form and used it at one of my day long seminars. With 10 pages to read, I correctly assumed that the participants would need some time to peruse it before I made the offer, so I put the letter only on the table in front of them before the seminar started.

After the last afternoon break, I passed out the order form and took 5 minutes explaining the offer and how to fill out the order form. I was very direct that this offer was only good the day of the seminar. (Actually, it was only good until I left the building.)

The Results

The full color sales letter and order form were printed on high quality semi gloss paper, and cost about $4.00 each to have designed and printed. At the seminar, I distributed 30 letters. When I finished my seminar, 8 of the 30 sales people ordered a specially designed package of sales tools and products. One additional company owner enrolled in our year long Masters Sales Program. The total revenue from these 9 new customers was $5300.00.

The total return on my $120.00 (30 letters x $4.00 @)) direct response investment was 4,416 percent! That’s $177.00 for each of the 30 people in the audience whether they bought anything or not. At that rate, I only have to speak to 5,650 people to sell ONE MILLION dollars worth of products and tools. The only question is how fast I am going to do this.

If you would like to talk with me about how to develop a direct response marketing plan for your business email me at sclark@newschoolselling.com.

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