You Cannot Make Money Sitting On Your Butt

You WILL NOT Make Money Sitting on Your Butt

Do not be misled by the brevity of today’s message. There is great wisdom in these few words and you, dear reader, would do well to take heed and study carefully this brief but powerful message.

There is a deliberate, predictable relationship between the acquisition of money and success and the speed of implementation. If one desires to acquire more riches or become more successful one of the quickest ways is to eliminate the time between having an idea and the implementation of that idea. Most people don’t understand this and spend unnecessary time procrastinating and perfecting an idea before they pull the trigger and ride the bullet of implementation. Ideas are worthless and don’t count for anything unless they are acted upon.

A poor idea acted on will always produce better results than a perfect idea never acted on. Truth is there is no such thing as a perfect idea because everything is a work in progress and ideas are fleshed out along the road to implementation. The very act of implementation gives feedback and birth to ideas and inspiration. As the famous copywriter, Gary Halbert said, “motion beats meditation”. When in doubt – act. Do something. Do anything because lack of momentum guarantees stagnation and failure. Be bold and do not be afraid of failure. Failure is simply a lesson learned.  Everyone has ideas but few have the courage to act.

In this NEW ECONOMY the slow and slothful will perish. Victory will go to those who boldly act with the expectation of success. NOW GO DO SOMETHING!

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  1. Chet Strader
    Chet Strader says:

    Steve, there is a great deal of insight in your article today. I am forwarding the article to all of my clients who are afraid to sell. Nobody it seems wants to do the hard thing “Knock on a door” or put themselves at risk by putting forward an idea to be acted upon. Keep up the good work

  2. Marjorie Schoelles
    Marjorie Schoelles says:

    Especially timely when too many people are afraid of action, afraid of rocking the boat when this should be the exact time to be trying things. I’m working on two new income streams right now – are the plans perfect? No. Am I still moving forward daily, yes. Thanks Steve for another great kick in the butt!


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