Cause for Celebration in the Clark Household!

Happy Days!

There is cause for great celebration in the Clark household. My youngest daughter graduated last month with a Masters Degree in Social Work and, hallelujah, got a real job this month. I am doubly proud and thankful that in an era of double digit unemployment she has joined the ranks of the adult employed, and by so doing, has given me a pay raise by exiting my health plan.

For me, an end to supporting her. For her, just the beginning. Like many apprentices, she starts at the bottom – little pay and long hours. Even with a Masters degree that took six years of college and a 40 hour per week internship for six months with no pay and required tens of thousands of dollars of investment, she still cannot practice her craft until she has completed 3000 hours of supervised work under a Clinically Licensed Social Worker. By that time she will be in her late 20’s. After all of that education and training she will probably only command a high five figure income.

If she were in the sales profession that same level of training, education and experience would pay her double or triple or more what she will make as a social worker. If a highly motivated, hungry and self confident, young twenty something were to intern and study under me for three thousand hours I would turn them into a multiple six figure income producer. GUARANTEED… doubt about it. But that ain’t going to happen because young twenty something sales people, at least 97% of them, are not willing to even read one book on salesmanship, or take one sales training course or invest one dollar of their own money in sales training education. Most tend to be spoiled, short sighted, with a misguided entitlement mentality. They will spend far more on entertainment and cell phones than they will ever spend on personal growth and development. Companies who hire these young folk are just as stupid and short sighted, unwilling to invest in their growth and erroneously thinking magically that these kids will learn to sell through osmosis. The bigger the company the dumber they behave.

Truth is, selling, like anything else, takes about 10,000 hours of practice and rehearsal to become world class and ascend to the ranks of the multiple six figure or even seven figure income levels. There is no short cut. As Zig Ziglar said, “the elevator to the top is broken, you have to take the stairs one step at a time”. Those who think otherwise are either lazy or misguided fools.

Duane Christensen

I love it when the refreshing truth is told. Thanks Steve! And I can attest to the 10,000 hour rule. My writing skills were putrid compared to now. But I’m still learning and growing and earning more money because I continually search out great teachers.

Brad Lloyd

Hi Steve,

Congrat’s to your daughter.

No kids here, but from what I hear from famaly and friends, this generation never leaves to payroll permently.

Are you going to be the first baby boomer to sat “NO”?

Still hoping to see your winning PowerPoint soom time soon?

Enjoying every step up the ladder…

Chat Soon,
Brad Lloyd

Bob Lobos

Steve, Congratulations on your pay raise! You are “right on” with your article. Many people and companies just won’t invest in themselves or their most important asset – their people.
We just need to continue to get the word out there and help our struggling economy – one company at a time!


Wes Schaeffer

Congrats on the graduation and pay raise! Working with you has helped me master the art and profession of sales and I thank you for all you’ve done for me.
Good selling,


I disagree Steve on one point. You are right that most 20 somethings wont invest in themselves but I DO think that companies are beginning to realize (at least with salespeople) that they need more training especially in todays market. In the 80s and 90s it was easier to get appointments but now with the internet and voice mail people are not as easy to catch, Companies who have sense are aware of this and are doing more marketing via trade shows, internet marketing, surveys , etc. I think good old fashioned cold calling and door knocking still works. Great newsletter.

Steve Clark

Thanks to all of you that commented on this. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

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