What is Your #1 Sales & Marketing Issue?


A few weeks ago I challenged the readers of this newsletter to fax me their answer to, “What is your #1 sales and marketing issue?” I was thrilled that several readers took the challenge and responded by pouring their hearts out. After reading these, I thought you might benefit from hearing what they have to say. I hope you enjoy these and if you have comments please enter them below and I will read them and respond to each.

From Jennifer: “I work for a Credit Union. We are a mature 30+ year old non-profit organization. Our clients have been “trained” to receive most services from us at a significantly discounted price and if they do not like the price we charge for products/services they know if they complain we will typically cave in and lower their price. This practice is now proving to be detrimental to our business model.”

From George: “I feel that I’m lacking the proper skills to confidently close sales.

I do not feel like I’m in control of my sales calls. I feel like the buyers are driving the train instead of me.

I work in a call center selling Life and Health Insurance leads from the internet. I need to be able to close or sell the prospect once they are on the phone with me. Most internet inquiries are all shoppers and they have talked with 3 or 4 other agents and have received multiple quotes……. I feel like I am a professional quote smith catering to the needs of the buyers. Buyers are not being honest.

For most of my career I feel like I have been a trained circus animal jumping through hoops held by prospects.

For most of my life, I have been brought up with the notion that selling is an unstable and unpredictable occupation. I recognize the need to change this mindset.”

From Greg: “Not being able to effectively get to prospects “pain”

From Marc: “We offer a superior product and service but my prospects tend to go with our competitors because they are larger than we are.”

From Jim: “Making appointments with Decision Makers and letting prospects tell me they need to do a little research and get back to me – which they never do. When I try to follow up it seems like they have joined the witness protection program.”

From Ed: Closing, closing, and closing. We are in the midst of an intensive calling campaign of 1100 targeted leads. We have the backing of the trade organization which has endorsed us as they provider of choice. There is high rapport, legitimacy based upon this backing, but things are getting strung out for weeks even when people say they want to move forward. We can’t get them to move forward.”

From Erol: “Lack of a prospecting system to fill the pipeline.”


Having experienced every one of these repeatedly for years, I can empathize with these sales warriors. If you are experiencing any of these, take comfort that you are in good company and realize that there is a solution that will eliminate all of these once and for all.

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