Cancun, Weight Lifting and Winning


Ryan, a new financial advisor coaching client, shared an interesting story with me on our last coaching call about how he won a contest sponsored by his local gym. Turns out his gym was giving away a free trip to Cancun to the winner of a 12 week contest based on the concept of the biggest loser. The winner was chosen based on the amount of weight lost, number of miles run during the course of the event, number of times the contestant worked out at the gym, and number of inches lost around the middle.

I ask Ryan what motivated him to enter and how was he able to win. His answers are insightful and full of lessons about winning in business or sports or anything else. No magical formula just plain ole goal setting, commitment to a daily regimen of activity and accountability in the form of having a trainer watch over his shoulder and hold him accountable for his actions.

His motivation for entering was that, at age 38, he had become disgusted with his physical appearance and the fact that he was turning into a slob at such an early age. His psychological discomfort had been building for some time and finally reached a crescendo about the time the contest was announced.

Once he put down his $200 and entered the contest he went to work. He ran 20 miles a week. He quit smoking. He went to the gym and lifted weights 4 days a week. He limited his caloric intake to less than 2000 calories a day and he eliminated junk food from his diet. None of this required specialized knowledge or skill – just commitment.

As a side note he was the only one who entered the contest and stuck with the program for the entire 12 weeks. Everyone else quit and made excuse after excuse why they could not discipline themselves for even 3 months. The word for these people is LOSER and the world is full of them.

Many times winning means being the only one still standing when everyone else folds their tent, quits and goes home. This does not surprise me because I see it every day with my members. At least 50% of the salespeople who enroll in our Inner Circle Coaching Program quit during the 2 month free trial. Another 30% quit sometime during the first year and only 20% who start are still with us after 12 months. These 20%ers are the true winners who “get it” and their income is evidence of their superiority to the “mediocre majority”. Woody Allen was right when he said 50% of winning is just showing up. These days if you just show up and do anything at all you are in the top 20%.