It’s Happening Everywhere

It’s happening in one city after another….


  • Elgin, Illinois – 700 teachers are cut from the payroll
  • Charlotte, NC – 12 library branches are closing for good
  • Columbus, GA – Trash pickup is about to be cut from twice a week to once a week
  • Vallejo, CA  –  A fire department of 122 people and 8 firehouses in 2003 is now 70 people and 5 firehouses
  • Pritchard, AL – Monthly water bills run higher than $500 a month, just to help pay retired city workers – who will only get one-third of what they were promised.
  • Camden, NJ – Half of the police force has been let go

And since April 2011 the S & P 500 has dropped 17%

This is the reality more and more Americans will be facing….. because America as you know it is an illusion – built during an easy credit bubble.

According to U.S. News & World Report, “Over the last two years, 36 out of 50 states have raised taxes or fees.” This is in addition to already collecting property, sales and income taxes. Cities have also been doing things like putting in separate streetlight fees….fire hydrant fees….and new booze and cigarette taxes. Nevada is even considering a new $5 surcharge on  legal prostitution.

If what you have just read scares the crap out of you, don’t get mad and take it out on me – don’t kill the messenger. I am simply reporting the facts from some of the financial newsletters I subscribe to.

For the last two years, I have been preaching – mostly to deaf ears – that this was coming – and now it is upon us.

The only certainty in our country with “this” economy is that there is NONE. Zero, nada, zilch, there is NO certainty; only unpredictability.

That’s why I have made it my mission to save sales professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs from certain self-destruction and economic collapse by arming you with ‘The Blueprint For Prosperity’ – a program about how to make money when all odds are against you and your prospects and customers are more afraid than if the sky were actually falling.

With ‘The Blueprint for Prosperity’ you will once and for all be prepared for the worst, be able to stand up and protect yourself from the 2nd coming of the Recession. And most importantly, YOU will be able to prosper through the most unpredictable economic times our country has ever faced.

Stay tuned for an important announcement…………….

Kevin Mohler

Awesome article! The only thing that’s certain is no one is gonna make things better in your own personal economy other than yourself. See you soon!

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