It’s Not About You, Stupid!

Most sales people mistakenly thinks the prospect or buyer actually cares about what they sell. If you are inclined to think this way – you need to think again because your prospect does not give a damn about you, your company or what you sell. They only care about one thing – the same thing you and I care about – THEMSELVES.

I am amazed at how many sales people come to my sales training sessions with the idea that they have this great product or service that the world should care about or be interested in. In salestraining sessions, I’ve heard sales people call prospects stupid (or even worse names) when the prospect shows no interest in their product. Someone may indeed be stupid in this scenario but it is not the prospect!


NEWS FLASH: The only one that cares about your product or service is you, your sales manager and the geniuses in the marketing department that came up with the idea in the first place. This self centered “I” mentality is an absolute prescription for failure and is a chief reason so many fail in sales.

If you only get one thing from reading this it should be that successful salespeople don’t focus on themselves and what they want. They instead focus all of their attention on trying to truly understand and uncover what problems, issues and concerns the prospect has. Only when the prospect’s problems are fully uncovered and understood does the professional salesperson allow the conversation to progress to the discussion of whether the sales person has a solution. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. Incompetent sales people, on the other hand, focus on pitching product, trying to convince and persuade and justify price. If most of your sales calls consist of talking about product and price you have not graduated from the ranks of the amateur.

To join the ranks of the elite in sales I suggest you get some high powered, professional sales training that will help you develop some very powerful interviewing and questioning skills because above all else that skill is what separates the champions from the pretenders.

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