Most Sales Training Overlooks the Importance of Teaching Rapport Building Skills

The dictionary defines rapport as: a relationship, especially one of mutual trust or emotional affinity.

There are many reasons prospects don’t buy. Among the reasons are no need, need but no want, need and want but not able to buy, need and want but unwilling to buy and no trust of the person doing the selling. Of all of these, lack of trust is the overwhelming reason that most prospects who have a need don’t buy. According to some studies, 83% of the prospects that buy do so because they liked and trusted the sales person.

Since establishing rapport and creating trust in a selling environment is so important, you would think that companies and sales people would spend considerable time and effort engaged in professional sales training that teaches how to do this more effectively. The truth of the matter is that most sellers and managers have no clue how important this is or how to effectively improve these skills. So they bumble along oblivious to their incompetence.

In this New Economy, rapport building skills are more critical because buyers are more skeptical, jaundiced and fearful than at any time in history. Fear, paranoia and distrust is so rampant and exacerbated by this difficult economy that buyers are gripping their pennies so tightly that it makes Lincoln weep. Prying those pennies from buyer’s tightly clinched fists is no small task and requires sophisticated compliance skills applied with a delicate touch.

Ignorance and arrogance are both traits that have negative consequences in selling. When they are simultaneously possessed by the same sales person who thinks that these skills are not necessary for success in today’s New Economy they are deadly. Unfortunately, I come across far too many of these sales types in my sales training and sales management training and consulting. It is my hope that these ignorant, clueless, lazy asses will be eliminated as the economy prunes business imposters. In my opinion, it can’t happen fast enough and I will be happy to see these folks go hungry and get what they deserve.