Passion or Commitment, Which Comes First?

One of society’s most costly mistakes is the misbegotten belief that passion produces commitment.

One only needs to look at the divorce statistics for proof. More than 50% of all marriages entered into in the heat of passion wilt with the first sign of adversity. Long term marriages, like long term anything, are only sustained through commitment that withstands disappointment, failures and heartaches.

White hot passions burn out and are extinguished quickly. Commitment, on the other hand, is settled, secure, and irrevocable.

Commitment produces passion.  If passion is lacking in your sales career, make a commitment. When you do, passion will make its debut soon after.

“When a commitment is fully settled in the heart, all concerns about time and money are erased; it will take as long as it takes and it will cost what it costs. When the objective is clear and your commitment is absolute, schedules and budgets no longer apply. Our society admires the clever, the quick, the connected and the beautiful. We even admire the brash and the reckless. We have Hollywood to thank for that. But in my 30-year observation of American small business, it is the committed owner / salesperson that is most likely to succeed”, says my friend Roy Williams, the Wizard of Ads.

In my sales training classes I have often quoted that, “The chicken is involved in a ham-and-eggs breakfast, but the pig is truly committed.”

It is my observation, after nearly 20 years in the sales training profession that only the committed who are willing to make the commitment to study and work hard for at least 5 years do well.

According to the most recent US Census, our nation has 5.91 million businesses with fewer than 100 employees. My passion is to help as many of them as I can before I leave this earth. If you are committed and want to improve your sales skills, I urge you to join me in one of my sales training sessions. Not only will you improve your selling skills, you will make more money and develop a passion for selling. I promise.