3 Sales Training Facts About Price

If you are in sales, own a business or are an entrepreneur, you write your own paycheck. Unfortunately, far too many people in business sabotage themselves and limit their income by the pre-ordained beliefs they have about price and behaviors they automatically engage in as a result of those beliefs. The tragic result, settling for crumbs under the table when an entire feast is there for the taking.

No matter how you cut it, the acceptance of mediocrity is failure.


Sales Training Fact # 1 Only 20% of buying decisions are based solely on price and only half of that 20% is based on competitive bidding.

Sale Training Fact # 2 80% of buying decisions are based on complex buying criteria that most sales people never find out or uncover during the selling process.

Sales Training Fact # 3 80% of sales people behave as if it is the other way around.


The 3 Things That Drive This Behavior:

1.      Self limiting beliefs about what is possible and what can and cannot be done in the marketplace. A misplaced and inaccurate view of reality. Our views, beliefs, and perceptions drive our behavior regardless of the accuracy of those beliefs. As long as we display behavior based on erroneous beliefs we are doomed for failure.

2.      80% of all marketing messages talk about price – forget the truth – as if it were the deciding factor. Because of the relentless barrage of messages spewing false information, we are conditioned and brainwashed that price must be the buying motive. Never mind that these messages by vendors, suppliers, manufactures, wholesalers, and retailers are all wrong. Like sheep headed to slaughter we accept these messages as truth and adopt behavior based on false beliefs.

3.      Lack of personal responsibility. We, unfortunately, live in a society that refuses to accept personal responsibility and instead blames any and everyone for our failure. Sort of the old Flip Wilson excuse, “the devil made me do it”. Come on get real.

Until we accept the truth and change our behavior accordingly, we will continue to suffer the consequences of limited income and will be forced to settle for the crumbs left behind by those who do understand the truth.

scott bell

Steve, These are all great points. For some reason sales people fall into the trap that all sales are price driven and form that belief treat their sales calls as if the buyer only cares about price.

jeff martin

Steve , CONGRATULATIONS on winning marketer of the year.I know you did your homework and made a few last minute adjustments. Adaptation is a topic we should discuss.. Good is Good enough only when you prepare…

Steve Clark

Jeff – thanks for your kind remarks. Yes I was tweaking my presentation up until about 209 minutes before I went on stage.

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