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Three Brains in One

Though the left brain / right brain lateralization is a well-established fact, documented by the research of Nobel-winner Roger Sperry, many people misunderstood what this really means. While there are definite differences between the functions of the left brain and the right brain, these differences pale in significance when compared with the differences between the […]

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Buying Is An Emotional Decision

Buying is an emotional decision. People buy emotionally and then justify their decision intellectually. For proof of this look at the advertising business. Michelin Tire Company became the number one tire company in the world when they put that baby in the tire. People who buy Michelins are not buying four-ply vulcanized rubber. They are […]

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What Are Buyers Afraid Of?

We live in a world full of uncertainty, fear and anxiety. Stock market crashes, terrorists attacks and wars are all part of our daily lives. Our fear and anxiety is constantly being nurtured and reinforced by every print and electronic media we encounter. Tragedy is brought to us in real time “live” and “up close […]

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