The Day I Quit My Corporate Job Changed My Life Forever

My Manager Laughed When I Told Him I Was Quitting My Sales Job and Starting My Own Sales Training and Consulting Business……………….Now He Is Unemployed and I Am Laughing All The Way To The Bank

Sixteen years ago I had a Boss – a sales manager.  He was a likeable guy who would call me every Sunday night about 8:00 pm and bug the living crap out of me. When he called each week, he would drone for an hour or more interrogating me on every minor detail of my week. He always wanted to know how many calls I made last week, who I talked to, what did they say, how many presentations did I give, how much did I close and who I was going to talk to and close next week and how much I had in the pipeline to close in the next thirty days. I hated those calls so much that I got to where I hated to see Sunday come. The closer it got to Sunday night the more anxiety I felt. Frankly, it ruined my weekend and stole my peace of mind.

I understand he had to do something to justify his fat corporate paycheck, and I could understand this treatment if I were not performing but I WAS outperforming most of the others on the sales team. With a wife and two kids to feed, I gutted it out and put up with this crap for eight years, until finally one day the fear of losing the corporate paycheck wasn’t enough to keep me from telling him, “take your corporate micro management and shove it up your own ass instead of using it to crawl up mine.”

The day I quit my corporate job changed my life forever.

Once I quit, reality set in. Truth was, I leap before I had a clue where I was going to land. Not something I would recommend, as I took some devastatingly hard knocks because I had no system for generating leads or obtaining clients. (a problem I have since solved)

To get my sales training business started, I took out a $30,000 home equity loan, borrowed $10,000 from my Mother and opened my own sales training and consulting business. At the time, I had zero clients and  zero income. Frankly, it scared the hell out of me – and I don’t recommend that anyone else do that either  – To keep from going under, I worked seven days a week sixteen hours a day. The first few months were brutal and there was the occasional month during the first year in business that the outcome was in doubt, but I hung in there and became a cold calling manic (something that my new marketing system eliminates)

The Results

At the end of the first year, I made $110,000. The second year I made $220,000 and the third year I made $353,000. (Keep in mind that this is in 1996 dollars which bought a lot more back then)

That’s a 700% increase in income within a three year period

As impressive as those numbers may be, they are chump change compared to what is happening now. I have invested over 10,000 hours testing, practicing and implementing marketing activities that have made New School Sales Training so sought after and in demand that even after I doubled and tripled my fees I still need ten of me just to accept all of the clients who want to wave money in my face.

Let me put it bluntly. I have not made an outbound cold sales call in years. And just last month I closed one account, from a referral, that will pay me over $250,000 in consulting fees over the next three years. I am not saying this to brag, but to illustrate to you what it means to have cracked the prospecting and marketing code.

If your life is anything like mine was, and you are frustrated and have a burning desire for personal freedom and autonomy “to do your own thing”. If you want financial independence and time to enjoy a lifestyle that others envy and can only dream of, contact me because I am looking for a handful of New School Selling Independent Business Consultants that want to join me as partners.

Fortunately, you won’t have to do what I did to achieve success in the sales training business because I have spent the last ten years developing sales and marketing systems and processes that attract prospects like bees to honey and makes extracting money from them as easy as falling off the proverbial log.

David W Baker

Hi Steve,
I would like to hear more of the opportunity you mention in the letter.

Thank you,
David Baker

Marjorie Schoelles

Steve, Having benefitted personally from your training I’m always appreciative when you share insights. And in today’s busy world your no-nonsense approach means maximum ROI on time.

Brad Lloyd

Great to talk to you. And, yes I read every-word this time.

You have so much to be proud of with your accomplishments.

Travel safe to Black Mountian, which is such a wonderful place this time of year.

Call me if you want to break up the trip. My home is on the way.


karen valls

Hi Steve,

I was in the class a couple of weeks back in Mobile. I am so impressed at all I have read, watched and listened to. My time is so limited because I am working several different jobs but I am making every effort to incorporate your techniques so that I have MORE TIME to make REAL money. I am also forwarding the stuff I get to my friend who is a sales manager. We’ll see where THAT one goes!

Thanks so much to you and to my friend Richard Lindsay for getting me involved.

Karen Valls

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