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Sales Advice: Stick to your Guns

Are you willing to tell me whether you want to go forward or you don’t?That’s how you lay that out. You have to have the courage and the backbone to be able to say that in a non-threatening way.  But you have to say it firmly with the perception that you’re okay if you don’t get […]

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Sales Advice: Never Accept Maybe

Never again accept a stall or put off from your prospect. That’s a courage issue. Have the courage to tell people “That’s not acceptable. If you need more information to make a decision, I’ll be glad to give you more information. But you can’t think it over.” Now, you can’t say that to them after […]

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Sales Advice: Driver or Influencer?

Donald Trump would be an example of a driver. Don’t beat around the bush… Let’s get right to it… Don’t mince any words… Tell it like it is… Straight to the point! A driver is an extrovert who primarily is task-oriented as opposed to people-oriented. Drivers do not dwell in the feeling realm; they do deal in […]

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