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Most Products and Services Are A Commodity

They really are. Before you jump me in an attempt to justify yourself how your business is different and somehow unique, hear me out. The emerging market forces of technology, competition, globalization, regulation and consolidation ensure that few products are truly unique for very long. These same forces have become the Driving Forces of Commoditization. […]

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How To Avoid The Commodity Trap

How as a professional salesperson can you get the prospect to understand that what you sell is different and not a commodity? The answer to this question has more to do with how you do it rather than what you do. Selling is about style. Style is not an intellectual thing. It is an emotional […]

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Asking for Referrals

Sometimes it’s difficult to ask for referrals, whether as the sales person you don’t feel comfortable, you don’t like putting the pressure on to get referrals, maybe you haven’t worked with the person long enough to establish the relationship of being “referable”, or the customer/client may blow you off telling you “if I know of […]

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