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Do You Have The Sophisticated Sales Techniques?

Do You Have The Sophisticated Sales Techniques and Skills To Avoid Unpaid Consulting? Buyers are not honest. In fact, they mislead, tell half-truths and sometimes downright lie. Now that we got that on the table let’s delve into sales techniques that will help you avoid wasting tons of time and getting your brains beat out. When […]

A Sales Technique That Will Reduce Price Resistance

A Sales Technique That Will Reduce Price Resistance and Bring Only Highly Qualified Buyers I used to run a radio commercial that incorporated a sales technique called pattern interrupt and used a psychological concept called cognitive dissonance. The ad went like this, “our sales training is expensive and difficult. It is only for people who have […]

Sales Advice About Price Myth #1

Our beliefs create our life experience and life becomes a self-fulling prophecy. Nowhere is this observed more as in the world of sales. My sales advice to clients who suffer from self-limiting, negative and counterproductive beliefs is to examine all of your beliefs and be willing to change the ones that are holding you hostage […]