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Sales Advice: Problems with Budget

If you are dealing with money objections on the back end when you give a presentation or a proposal, you fail to have a frank and open discussion on the front end. If they don’t have money or they’re unwilling to invest the money, you can’t change that. It is what it is! There are a time […]

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Sales Advice: Don’t Chase Buyers

How much time did you waste following up with people who weren’t going anywhere, to begin with? You want to be very careful not to chase. Chasing does not only degrade you mentally, erodes your self-confidence, and makes you feel like a cheap streetwalker. It also takes away any leverage you have with the prospect. […]

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Sales Advice: Buyers are Children

The only difference between adults and children is the size of their bodies. But mentally, they’re the same. So you’re dealing with children when you’re in business. Buyers are no different than children. They think you’re sophisticated but psychologically, they’re all the same. Adult buyers have temper or tantrums and they got egos and they […]

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