Sales Advice: Sizing People Up

sales advice sizing people

How long do you have on a sales call to size somebody up and figure out which one of those are so you can adjust your communication style to connect with that person? Top performing sales people seem to intuitively know how to do that. It seems to be an intuitive gift they have to be […]

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Sales Advice: You Need a System

sales advice you need a system

Every business has a system for doing business. In accounting, they have double-entry bookkeeping. In engineering, they have certain ways of doing things. When they built this building, they had a blueprint that was detailed all the way down to where every light fixture was going to be and where every outlet in the building was going […]

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Sales Advice: Selling is Acting

Selling is really acting. When you get up in the morning, whatever suit of clothes you put on, that’s your a-game uniform and then it’s show time or it’s time to play the game. It doesn’t matter who you naturally are.  Leave that person at home because that person probably is not what you need to be […]

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