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The Four Components Of Effective Sales Management

The job of a sales manager is not to grow sales but to recruit, grow and develop salespeople. The sales manager’s job is to set the course and direction of the sales team by developing and implementing the most efficient system of selling the company’s products and services. By his/her statements and actions, the successful […]

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Stop Acting Like One

To stop getting treated like a stereotypical salesperson stop acting like one. How does a stereotypical salesperson act? They try to convince, persuade, and sometimes manipulate through the use of psychological tricks. No one likes to be treated that way. Think about it. How do you feel when someone tries to convince or persuade you? […]

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Prospecting Part I

The Importance of Prospecting Getting salespeople in front of qualified prospects is typically the number one issue of companies. The ability of the sales force to keep the pipeline full is key to success. Without an effective prospecting system in place, the sales pipeline is weak which creates pressure to be more aggressive in selling […]

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