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How Effectively Are You Using Your RAS

Brain diagram

Before you can answer that question, you need to know what in the heck is a RAS.According to Neuroscientists, the Reticular Activating System is a bundle of densely packed nerve cells located in the central core of the brainstem. It is about the size of a little finger and runs from the top of the […]

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Is It What You Say or Is It How You Say It?

Is It What You Say or Is It How You Say It

For years sales trainers have mistakenly taught that tonality (tone of voice) and body language are more important than the actual words you say. This has become a sales training myth that is ignorantly passed from trainer to trainer. To get the straight scoop on the truth, we need to go to the source and […]

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Positioning vs. Prospecting

If prospects find you first, they are more likely to buy from you than if you find them.Has your medical doctor ever called you in an attempt to set up an appointment? Medical doctors do not solicit new patients. They don’t seek you out. You seek them out. And when you do get to see […]

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