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Let Me Think It Over

Face the facts. You know that most “Think It Overs” are really “nos”. That being the case why not gets the no early instead of late in the process. To do this you must get rid of the “head trash”, that says you’ve got to try to sell everybody. That is not going to happen. […]

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When All Else Fails Go To Work

MOST of the people who are in need of what you sell don’t even know they have a need. Therefore, they will not seek help on their own. If you are to be successful you must identify your target market and then begin to contact those people. The most effective way is to pick up […]

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Been There, Done That

You know the drill. You meet with a prospect and immediately they want you to spill your guts about what you do, how you do it, whom you do it with and how much you do it for. They want you to do this and yet they are unwilling to share with you what their […]

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