sales advice do clients have money

Sales Advice: Do Clients Have Money?

The time to find out if people don't have money is before you give them a presentation--not after. And the time to find out whether or not they're willing to give you some of their money is before you give a presentation--not after. The time…
Sales Advice Assumptions

Sales Advice: Are you Making Assumptions?

Here's how you know if you're making assumptions: You go in, you talk to somebody and then you give a presentation. And then you find out after all said and done, they got a silent partner that they need to run it by. You made an assumption…
Sales Advice Interview

Sales Advice: You are the Interviewer

Here's a secret for you... The only way you'll know what a prospect is thinking is when they open their mouth and tell you what they're thinking. And the only way you will know what they're thinking is to get them talking about what they're…