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The Economic Recovery Fantasy

Back in the Day…. When I was a small boy selling greeting cards and flower seeds door to door, both my paternal and maternal grandparents, all of my aunts and uncles – all 12 of them – worked in the textile mills in Aiken County, South Carolina. Sadly, both sets of grandparents and all but […]

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Change or Die

The Harsh Reality In 2007 business got off to a great start when Dan Smith (not his real name) opened a video store in my town. He and his wife remodeled a storefront and opened with 500 video titles. Revenue rose each month and he plowed the money back into the store, gradually expanding his […]

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9 Sales Techniques to Help You Become Bullet Proof In This Slow Economy

As the economy slows and businesses cut back on purchases, it will become more important than ever that companies and salespeople aggressively increase their efforts to acquire new clients. This new economic climate will provide great opportunities for those businesses that get off of their butt and hustle. Below are 9 sales techniques and ideas to help […]

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