Steve Clark

Pattern Interrupt: A Sales Technique That Gives You Control of The Sales Process

The most frustrating thing for a sales professional is to give a presentation or a proposal and then receive a stall, a put off, or a think it over and then waste countless hours following up and chasing after prospects that never make a decision.…
Steve Clark

Which One Will You Choose?

I’ve got a sales manager coaching client who has 8 sales rep direct reports. One day during one of our coaching sessions, he said to me, “Steve, I’ve got 2 great producing sales reps who outsell the other 6 reps on my team put together.…
Steve Clark

Sales Training, Optimism and the Three Little Bears

Life is..... In a recent sales training Mastermind session, a business owner was lamenting that after 20 years in business he thought he would have had things figured out, and he wondered – out loud – “when will things slow down and become…