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Which One Will You Choose?

I’ve got a sales manager coaching client who has 8 sales rep direct reports. One day during one of our coaching sessions, he said to me, “Steve, I’ve got 2 great producing sales reps who outsell the other 6 reps on my team put together. If I could just get those 6 to do what […]

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Change or Die

The Harsh Reality In 2007 business got off to a great start when Dan Smith (not his real name) opened a video store in my town. He and his wife remodeled a storefront and opened it with 500 video titles. Revenue rose each month and he plowed the money back into the store, gradually expanding […]

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The Magnificent Seven

In a recent study conducted by Target Training International, an international assessment firm, 7 Subject Matter Experts for sales were asked to identify which 7 Personal Talents and Skills were most critical for sales success. Look over the list and see if you can pick which 7 they identified. If you would like to know […]

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