sales advice clarity

Sales Advice: You MUST be Clear

How many times have you gone on the sales call and you've left there with some vague idea about what was going to happen next? You made an assumption about what the next step was. You assumed something was going to happen when in fact, you…
Sales Advice Assumptions

Sales Advice: Are you Making Assumptions?

Here's how you know if you're making assumptions: You go in, you talk to somebody and then you give a presentation. And then you find out after all said and done, they got a silent partner that they need to run it by. You made an assumption…
Sales Management Training by Steve Clark

Do You Need Sales Management Training?

To assess your need for sales management training, answer the questions below by using the following rating system: 5 Always 4 Often 3 Occasionally 2 Seldom 1 Never 1. I run a strong pipeline and sales cycle review meeting each week…