Steve Clark 8 Sales Advice Tips

Sales Advice: Why You Should Avoid Low Price Buyers

Really good salespeople, really successful salespeople, avoid low price buyers. When they encounter them, they cut them loose quickly and don’t deal with them. If you are to excel in the world of professional selling, I encourage you to…
Steve Clark on Sales Advice

Bad Sales Advice, Watermelons and Two Guys In A Truck

Two geniuses from Texas got bad sales advice when they decided that they were going to go to Mexico and load up their pickup truck with watermelons for a buck a piece and come back across the border and drive to Dallas where they were going…
Steve Clark

Pattern Interrupt: A Sales Technique That Gives You Control of The Sales Process

The most frustrating thing for a sales professional is to give a presentation or a proposal and then receive a stall, a put off, or a think it over and then waste countless hours following up and chasing after prospects that never make a decision.…