Sales Techniques

Sales Technique: How to Avoid Being Ripped Off

Prospects are very skilled at getting salespeople to give free presentations, quotes and proposals. If you have been in selling for more than a week, you have probably experienced dishonest prospects over and over again, If, you don’t figure…
Sales Techniques

Do You Have The Sophisticated Sales Techniques and Skills To Avoid Unpaid Consulting

Buyers are not honest. In fact, they mislead, tell half-truths and sometimes downright lie. Now that we got that on the table let’s delve into sales techniques that will help you avoid wasting tons of time and getting your brains beat out. When…
Sales Techniques

7 Key Strategies Guaranteed To Jump Start The New Year

  BEST SALES TECHNIQUES 1. Identify An Emotionally Exciting Objective or Goal Most people lead dull and boring lives and as a result have little energy and possess little motivation. The key to achieving more in life is to get excited…